Uncontrolled Gout Treatment Study

Uncontrolled Gout Treatment Study

Gout is the most common form of inflammatory arthritis in men and is associated with a decrease in quality of life. The frequency of gout is increasing and is characterized by ongoing symptoms of active disease and a failure to maintain/control serum uric acid (sUA) below 6mg/dL. These patients often have significant, disabling urate deposits in soft tissues and bone known as tophi. Napa Research has a clinical research study aimed at reducing the recurrence of the symptoms of gout by means of different combination treatment groups.

Mode of administration:

IV and orally

The study duration: 24 Weeks

Participants will attend approximately 14 study site visits and receive 2 follow-up checks following the completion of the study.

Compensation package includes:

$25 Pre-screening

$130 for screening

$130 for each visit to study site

All study medication, assessments and examinations are free to the participants.

Inclusion Questions:

Has the patient been diagnosed with Gout? (YES/ NO)

Does the patient have 1 or more rounded lumps of nodules (tophus)?

Has there been any recurrent flares (2 or more) in the past 12 months?

Patient’s other medical conditions:

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