Principal investigator

Naval Parikh, JD, MD

Graduated from the University of South Carolina with Dean’s Honors then earned his Juris Doctor degree from Tulane Law School. Dr. Parikh continued his ambitious pursuit of knowledge with a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. He completed his residency in internal medicine from Hofstra University in New York. Dr. Parikh is an active member of the American Medical Society as well as the Florida Medical Association.

In addition to his work Dr Parikh, Site Director for NAPA Research, formerly conducted studies as a Principal investigator. His experience in research started as a research assistant with multiple academic institutions. He is published in the Journal of Molecular Medicine with an article on therole folate replacement and supplementation and its course in the treatment of depression. He also earned a second-place award for his analysis of Diabetes in St. Mathews, South Carolina, at the 13th Annual Diabetes Fall Symposium for Primary Health Care professionals. Additionally, Dr Parikh has presented Clinical Articles for journal clubs on the subjects of statin use in primary prevention and the usage of oxygen therapy in hypoxemic chronic obstructive long disease.

Dr. Naval Parikh Has Been Elected Chair of Medicine by the Medical Staff of Broward Health North Medical Center.

Principal investigator

Dr. Parikh HARP Board

Dr. Naval Parikh is a board-certified internist, Chief of Medicine at Broward North,  and a HARP board member. As a HARP board member, Dr. Parikh has provided emergency aid and medicine to patients in need around the globe. This includes hurricane victims, famine victims, and even provided crucial aid to war-stricken countries like Ukraine. Dr. Parikh through his vast experience and calming bedside manner has been an intrinsic part of HARP's many life-saving missions and activities. As a board member, Dr. Parikh is able to help the organization pick the most important missions where they can have the most impact. As a doctor on the ground in these troubled areas, Dr. Parikh is quite often provides life-saving medical aid for people who would likely not be able to receive treatment if it was not for HARP's humanitarian efforts around the world.

Dr. Naval Parikh - Broward Health

Dr. Naval Parikh - Ukraine Aid

Dr. Naval Parikh - HARP

Dr. Naval Parikh - New England School of Medicine

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