Facilities & Equipment

At NAPA Research we take great pride in our amazing medical facilities at Broward North Hospital. As well as in our state-of-the-art medical equipment. We believe that if you have a great working space, and top-quality modern medical equipment. That you will get the best results possible for your field. We strive to reach the best results through the best facilities and equipment possible.

* 4 physical Exam rooms
* 3 oversized, private monitoring rooms with wireless internet.
* Separate blinded investigational product preparation area.
* A dedicated, in-house recruitment department.
* Highly trained and experienced quality assurance staff.
* Secured investigational drug storage facilities
* 24/7 security and temperature monitoring
* Partnerships: sleep lab, neuroimaging, and ophthalmology
* On-site laboratories – Waived CLIA
* -20 degree freezers
* Refrigerator
* Central security systems
* Dedicated monitoring space with Wifi
* X-Ray, ECHO and MRI (contracted outside)
* Wireless internet throughout the office
* Blood Pressure Machines
* IV Infusion
* PK Sampling
* Phlebotomy
* Continuous Glucose Monitoring
* Patient Education
* Pain Assessments & Evaluations (WOMAC, NRS, OOWS)
* Joint Assessments
* Psychiatric Ratings
* Wound Dressing
* DXA Scan (contracted outside )
* Blinded drug staff

We have a complete list of SOPs that govern the performance of all procedures of a clinical trial unless replaced by a specific study protocol or SOP.

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