COVID-19 in Immunocompromised Participants

COVID-19 in Immunocompromised Participants

A participant who is immunocompromised has an immune system that is less likely to effectively fight viral infections. This clinical study is evaluating if a longer treatment (10 or 15 days) with the study drug will be more effective and yet, still safe compared to the standard 5-day treatment in such participants.

Mode of administration:

2 Tablets orally

The study duration: 24 Weeks

Participants will attend approximately 10 study site visits and receive follow-up checks following the completion of the study.

Compensation package includes:

$150 for each visit to study site

All study medication, assessments and examinations are free to the participants.

Inclusion Questions:

Has the patient tested positive for COVID-19?

Is the patient immunocompromised?

What medical condition does the patient have?

Patient’s other medical conditions:

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