Our research team is committed to the highest standards.

NAPA Research specializes in conducting clinical research studies (also called clinical trials) to test possible treatments for medical conditions. With several years of collective staff experience, we are one of the premier independent clinical research centers in Boca Raton Florida.

Principal investigator
Naval Parikh. JD, MD
Sub Investigator
Firaz Hosien, DO


  • Healthy male and female subjects
  • Postmenopausal subjects
  • Healthy Elderly Males and Females
  • Obesity – Overweight subjects
  • Healthy Young Females on Oral Contraceptives

Facilities & Equipment

  • 4 physical Exam rooms
  • Separate blinded investigational product preparation area.
  • A dedicated, in-house recruitment department.
  • Highly trained and experienced quality assurance staff.
  • Secured investigational drug storage facilities complete 
  • 24/7 security and temperature monitoring

Volunteer Recruiting

Recruiting begins at NAPA RESEARCH  with a meeting of the entire team where we plan our strategy based on the needs of each study. Everyone takes ownership and has a role to play.

Volunteer Retention

We begin our relationship with volunteers by making sure they have a clear understanding of the study and whether it makes sense for them to participate.

Our Clinical Research Resources for Sponsors & CROs

NAPA RESEARCH Research works closely with and meets the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organizations.

NAPA Research