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Welcome, to NAPA Research a state-of-the-art medical practice where we conduct medical studies, also called clinical trials, on drugs and treatments that could potentially cure, help, or improve the quality of life for patients all across the globe.  At NAPA Research we take great pride in being on the cutting edge of medical science and it is our sincere belief that with proper innovation, research, and testing we can cure just about anything!

At NAPA Research we adhere to the highest possible medical testing standards to ensure that our clients get the most accurate results and insights from their clinical trials. Our staff has a wealth of experience in medical testing and patient care. We make sure every patient under our care receives the highest quality medical care, from attentive medical professionals, in a safe and comfortable environment.

At NAPA Research we often have multiple medical studies or clinical trials running at the same time. To see if you qualify for one of our current medical studies or one that may be coming up. Please feel free to check out the studies listed here on our website or call our medical office for more information. Our staff of medical professionals is standing by and would love to speak with you.


Current Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Currently Enrolling

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Agitation Associated with Alzheimer's Dementia

Study duration: 20 Weeks.
Compensation package includes:
$70 to patient for each visit
$65 to caregiver for each visit


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Study Duration: 55 Weeks.
Compensation package includes:
$70 for screening
$70 for each visit to study site


Uncontrolled Gout Treatment Study

Study Duration: 24 Weeks.
Compensation package includes:
$130 for screening
$130 for each visit to study site


COVID-19 in Immunocompromised Participants

Study Duration: 24 Weeks.
Compensation package includes:
$150 for each visit to study site


Treatment of Adults with Clostridioides Difficile Infection

Study Duration: 70 Days.
Compensation package includes:
$75.00 for each visit
$38.00 for each telephone contact


Non-Cirrhotic Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis

Study Duration: 5-7 Years.
Compensation package includes:
$150.00 per completed visit
$500.00 for liver biopsy
$75.00 for Fibroscan

Should You Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Ask One of Our Former Patients...

  • NAPA Research got me into a clinical trial for my gout and I have had a very good response so far. Very thankful for their super nice medical staff everyone has been very helpful. Before them, I was starting to get a little bit hopeless about my condition. But, now I'm very excited about my possible medical outcome.
    Clifford Gullo
  • Really great medical team. I participated in a study and I got paid a pretty good sum of money. I also got free medical care the entire time. So I have to be honest this was an amazing experience for me and hopefully I helped contribute to the future of medical science.
    Andrew McGregor
  • clinical trials patient
    I started going four months ago, and they made me feel like a human, not a test subject. They always have a smile and kind words to make me feel comfortable and the medical care was around the clock. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity and privilege to test these potentially life-saving drugs.
    Jon Paterson
  • I had great results from my study participation with NAPA Research. In my case, the drugs worked very well and helped me treat an ailment I was certain that I was going to have to live with forever. If you are suffering from a condition that is currently untreatable, I highly recommend calling NAPA Research.
    Anthony Jackson
  • I love the friendly staff and the personal care they give to me as a patient every week. They are always flexible with my busy schedule and have even given me a ride before when my car was in the shop for a couple of days. I highly recommend NAPA Research if you want a doctor's office that treats you like family.
    Joanne F.

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